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Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how these doll creations are put together or why they are the price they are? Well let me explain, without boring you too much...


Why are they so expensive?

Easy answer. The amount of time that goes into making these dolls is HUGE!! The time that goes into these is beyond what I charge. Far beyond!

The kit alone, without hours of paint involved and hair rooting is worth over $200 US. Then add between 20-30 of very fine paint layers to make up the overall detail...and remember each layer has to be baked and cooled before continuing with the next layer. So yes a very long process indeed. Oh yes and we hadnt discussed the hair yet...thats another few weeks or so worth of long hours. Long hours of micro rooting individual hair strands into the head. And then, once the baby is complete, now its time to put it all together. From the cost of the german mouth blown glass eyes, the baby filling for softness and weight, to the clothing and the list gets longer and longer. So yes they are expensive to create. But boy are they worth it!! 

Painting Process

I think this is the most exciting process of all. Its where you start off with a blank kit and bring it to life. And as each layer is added, the more realistic it becomes. 

WIP baby 2018.jpg

Hair Rooting

Oh the hair...sigh! The longest process of it all. Depending on the size of the head, this process can take me a month or so to complete. Each strand of hair is individually rooted into the vinyl head to look and feel just like a real life baby.

And no I do not use wigs. I feel like that is cheating and lets agree that no baby has that much hair! Well...okay there may be the few exceptions out there. ; )

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